Unity Workshops

We are developing a series of Workshops on how to develop on the award winning Unity Game Engine. We have a range of workshops, starting with those for the absolute beginner all the way to the expert game developer. For more complete and detailed look at our workshops, download the syllabus.

"Your proposed Unity curriculum was some of the best we had ever seen."

John Goodale
General Manager Asia
Unity Technologies

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Introduction to Game Development with Unity 3D

Participants of this workshop will be introduced to Unity3D, a industry tested visual Game Development Environment and Engine. They will be guided through the various interfaces, and learn how to write scripts that control Game Objects. At the end of the lesson, the participants will be learn how to build a Space Invaders game, establishing a foundation for them to build upon for more complex topics in Game Development.

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Building a platform game using Unity3D

Participants will be taken through the steps required to build a side-scrolling platformer similar to Mario and Donkey Kong. They will learn how to add AI logic to computer controlled Game Objects and allow how to script the controls for a 3D character. They will also learn about collision and Game Physics. At the end of the workshop, they will have all the necessary skills to build a full Game using Unity and be ready to explore intermediate/advanced topics.

Exploring the Game Asset Pipeline with Unity3D

This workshop is for artists showing them how to export/import 3D assets (Character and Environments) into Unity for use. It will provide information on the best practices to follow and how to make sure the assets are setup properly in Unity for use.

Implementing Path-finding and AI using Unity3D

This is a intermediate/advance course will will go over implement AI in a game. It will discuss choosing the right AI for the right game. it will also implement a path finding system and a state based AI that can be modified according to game difficulty. It will also explore other more advance AI topics and how they can be used in different games.

Implementing Multi-player gaming using Unity3D

This is an advanced course intended to help game developers implement a real-time multi player game using Unity3D. Participants will be taken through the basics of a network architecture, client/server concepts and the different messaging schemes available. They will then be shown how to create a connection to the server, synchronize player transforms and game states. They will also be show how to setup/use a game server to allow games to be run independently or provide a way to match-make games sessions.

Workshop dates


15-20 May 2012

3 days

10:00am to 5pm

SAE Singapore