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Indie Game Development Life…

October 6, 2010terence

Game development is a lot of work, more so if you are the designer, programmer and sometimes artist on your games. For now, I have 3 projects that are active at the moment and sometimes I wonder where I find the time to sleep. I try to make lists of things I would to accomplish and try to finish as many as possible but sometimes you can get too obsessed with one project and forget about the rest.

My week usually breaks down into:

  • Monday to Wednesdays – Work on the “main” project. Right now my main project is adding Game Center features to our game Last Call.
  • Thursday to Friday – Secondary project (usually the next game that we are working on). Right now mostly focused on “Adventure”, an online game creation system.
  • Saturday & Sunday – A break and research. Right research, design, prototyping of a HTML5 Game Engine and our next iPhone game. Also I do some marketing, write some blogs or do some reading.

My day usually start around 7:00-8:00 or so. I try to go out for a walk/run in the morning, back by 9:00. Then it’s work until Lunch and a game. Work till Dinner…watch some TV until about 7 or 8 and then working till 11 or 12. There are off days and days where I take a break and try to do something else but that pretty much the routine. I also try to ‘work outside’ at Starbuck once or twice a week to see other people.

Have a productive day eh! Hmmm..that reminds me I forgot update my own blog…

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