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Destroy! Destroy! (Danger Will Robinson)….

October 6, 2010terence

(Previously posted on iopixels.com)

Salutations from Big Bad Robots. Yu (or MR. YU) as he was known invited me post once in a while on iopixels, you know just for fun, laugh, chuckles…and some crying into beer which is where alot of thing start.

My name is Terence, I have been developing game professionally for over 9 years. Mostly in Malaysia, although I have thought about going overseas and working in some big studio the only 2 things holding me back are the food and the ability to make my own games here in Malaysia. I suppose that makes me an Indie developer and I am going to talk a little bit about being an Indie developer in my first post (just to make sure we differentiate between Indie developers and people who get paid money to make games for other people). Yes, I might piss some people off in my definition but I have pissed so many people off already, what’s one more!

  • Mostly self funded – There are grants,money out here in Malaysia but if you need it to make your game  and can’t get started without it then I would question your passion, intentions and integrity. Too many people consider the government a cash pit to get money out but funds are limited and IMHO should be only given to the deserving. If you can public money, do that first. If you can get money off of contract work, schlepping web sites or put aside enough of your savings. Personal investment into the games you make are always a way to motivate you.
  • Original games – Original games doesn’t mean …oohh look at that artsy game…it’s a game thought up by you (yes could do a clone of a game with different controls). It may be a puzzle game, a driving game, a drinking game (Shameless plug for Last Call). But it should be your own from beginning to the end till death do you part.
  • You are trying to make a living out of it – Indie developers versus hobby developers. I ain’t saying hobby developers are necessarily bad but Indie developer do want to eventually make a living off of their games. Every game they sell makes them feel better and want to make more games.
  • You shipping at least 1 game a year …Ducks and Hides…but why not? Many Indie games take longer than a year. while a labour of love can take 2-3 for a complex 3D game, I am not sure how long people can go without making any money at all…release a technical demo if it takes longer..to our community at all.
  • Can’t explain to people what you do…Yes auntie …I make multi-media products..actually it’s better now..everybodies got a an iPhone…Yes Auntie I am rich making iPhone products..Where is your cute daughter?

I think I will leave all of you with that.

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