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Juggling projects and being independant

August 18, 2010terence

The life of of independent developer is a pretty solitary one, especially if the people you work with are not physically in the same place as you are. It is an extremely busy one though, right now I have 3 projects that I am working.

Adventure! is currently in full production. Although I have alluded to it in the various prior posts I have never really talked about it. Adventure! (or Adventure Story on Facebook) is an online RPG game creator. Through a webpage you can put together an RPG game, and then share it with your friends or via Facebook and later the Android (and if I can figure out how to dance around Apple’s restrictions, the iPhone). This isn’t some pansy push button game creation systems that I have seen on the web that are only good at making silly clicky games, this is a full game creation system with scripting, in-game cut scenes etc..abet in a 2D tile based graphic system. I usually try to spend 3 full days working on it and we hope to get something available by Christmas. It is being built using Flex and Pushbutton Game Engine but I have tried to make sure the data formats don’t lock me into it in case I do a custom port later.

Manhanttan Murder Mystery is a Facebook game I built a prototype in HTML4 & PHP a while back. It’s a bit like Cluedo and Kill Dr. Lucky. I have decided to revive it from the prototype (which was pretty fun for me except I think the people I played with were not that fun;P). This time however I am going to be using HTML5 as the platform instead of Flex allowing me to figure out how ready it is as a Game Development platform. Last time I checked audio wasn’t ready yet but the standard seems to be picking up steam.

Lastly, having just renewed my iPhone dev license, I will be looking to develop another iPhone game. Something I like this time, not something I think somebody else will like. Got a few ideas but I leave Sat/Sun to figure it out.

Good thing is the Nick the artist I am working with has his computer and we can go crazy now..we’ll crazier than usual. I’ll be posting up more concepts soon for Adventure! and maybe some plans for the premium module we will be working.

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