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Commonly used Game Design patterns

January 5, 2010terence

Game developers are fairly practical in their implementations. The most practical of Design Patterns that every game developer should understand intimately are:

  • Singleton – Singletons are needed but often abused as a design pattern. A singleton is basically a class with one instance. Most prior singletons were not thread-safe but with multi-processor architectures of hardware, this should be a consideration. Singletons are common used for creating loggers, database/networking access objects.
  • Factories – Factories are usually coupled with singletons. Factories are often found in resource/assset managers allow¬† managed assets to be created. The role of a factory class is to “create objects” based on a template with specific functionality or generic
  • Model-View-Controller – The Model-View-Controller is a way to separate (but not necessarily simply) functionality of complex systems. A Game Engine could use the MVC design pattern to sort out the various components into logical blocks of code.¬† MVC is used extensively in Flex development to break up monolithic applications into manageable portions. The Model contains all data used by the application. The View is what the user sees and the Controller is Application core, responding to events from the View and coordinating resources from the Model.

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