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Ubuntu, Flex and AXDT

January 2, 2010terence

Right now there aren’t  any good open-source development environments for Flex. Everybody seems to be using Flex Builder, which you have to pay for. For me, I like things free especially since my primary web development platform is Ubuntu 9.10. I did find AXDT which, which I feel shows the greatest promise in evolving as a free alternative to Flex Builder. Plus it helps that the primary target seems to be Ubuntu.

For more information, you can go to: www.axdt.org. I have got it working with the latest Flex 3.5. I am having some trouble with Flex 4 though but that’s still in Beta. Primarily I wanted something to allow me to edit mxml and Actionscript files not caring much about layouts. I have also been able to get it working with AMFPHP. So far it has done most of what I want.

3 responses to “Ubuntu, Flex and AXDT”

  1. Steve Taylor says:

    FlashDevelop is free and very good indeed – but unfortunately only for Windows.

    I think some people have had limited success with Wine, and I know there’s talk of getting it running under Mono but I haven’t investigated either path as I just use it on a Windows machine. Best bet is probably to get a Windows install on VirtualBox or the like if you want to use it.

  2. Ain Tohvri says:

    AXDT surely makes a rather compelling platform for the Linux crowd and even though Flex 4 support is poor and it fails to work with a Vector object for instance, it’s still a good cross-platform tool for simple stuff.

    Also, AXDT doesn’t support Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) yet.

    A comprehensive write-up (incl. debugging) on how to set up AXDT at http://tekkie.flashbit.net/flash/axdt-open-source-cross-platform-alternative-for-flash-development

    • terence says:

      Good find on the De MonsterDebugger. I’ve been pretty much using it with Flex 4 for about 2 months already and so far I’ve been fairly happy. If you route your build through Ant, you can get around most of the problems from Flex 4.

      I’ll give the De MonsterDebugger a whirl, would like to get some memory leak profiling on my app. I might post what I find.

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