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Configuration files…

September 14, 2009terence

I have been doing some research on how to approach configuration files for the xPhone Game Engine (A cross platform game engine for Smartphones). The design objectives are:

  • Human readable – Should be able to read and change configuration
  • Used only for initialization and not run time configuration
  • Any library used should be small and minimal impact because we are targeting embedded devices

The choices are either to:

  • Wrap up tinyxml and have configuration as xml files. xml files are barely human readable though
  • Use libconfig, which allows for more human readable. Problem is integration with scripting language in the future
  • Code another ini type library

My current favorite is still leaning for xml because:

  • tinyxml will be useful if the user of the game engine wants to read/write their own game data in xml format
  • xml is supported by python which is the scripting system I would use for the tools and ingame scripts

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